Team Building at OneDome

I must take a break from the Japan photos as it is a bit overwhelming.
I recently went on a teambuilding mission to OneDome in SF. Pretty awesome little digital art show.
Tickets are pretty cheap and we had a really excellent time. You should go if you get the chance.
:) Yay team of 3! haha

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LA>Toyko>Kyoto in B&W

Matt and I went to Japan. This is the first post of many, maybe, who knows! I’m terrible at blogging. You’re welcome. Japan was clean, and beautiful, and the food was YUM, and the people were nice. If you can go…GO. It was as if my Fugi felt like it had returned home. It was a joy to shoot. Next post will be the color stuffs.

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A Ramdom Post

A random post.

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Scapes & Perspective

I’ve been trying to work on my framing. I feel almost that I’m a bit tilted as a person…
At least that’s what the pictures say. I’ve also been trying to let the uncomfortable be okay.
Some of these images I love, some I have issues with.
Such is life, eh?

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Here are some people. From the past 3-4 months.

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